Ikigai Vibe stands for a group of close knit, dedicated, skilled & multi-faceted proffessional Holistic Healers guided & Lead by The renowned Himalayan Shamanic Nath Yogi Dr Deepak Subedi.
We offer online/live, personal consultations, Guidance, customised remedies & healings to every soul approaching us with a requirement.
We being Himalayan Shamans believe in the Divine Spirit invading every ounce of Nature across various realms of existence, & we welcome healing requests for ALL SOULS irrespective of the bodies they have chosen to live life...YES, WE DO WELCOME PETS/ANIMAL HEALING REQUESTS !!
Connect to us whenever you feel the need for Spiritual support ; whenever you feel lost or cornered, stressed or anxious; or simply whenever you feel the need for self evolution support.
We will try our level best to be of assistence.

Enhance Your Life's Purpose with Ikigai Vibe: Online Consultations by Dr. Deepak Subedi

Dr. Subedi (Ph.D.) has been practicing Himalayan Shamanism, Tibetian Buddhism for the last 21 years.

He is also a Master in Himalayan Tantra. He’ve been a serious student and practitioner of Tantra and Vajrayana (Buddhism) for over 12 years and learn it from different gurus. and have devoted a lot of energy to figuring out what it is that happens during Meditation, Tantric Kriyas, and other sadhana ( rituals) that makes it so amazing.

He already organized more than 356+ Shamanic Buddhist tantric workshops in Japan, Korea, Nepal, India, and in total 19 different countries. He has touched more than 1000000’s of lives through his seminars, workshops, and other talks.

His Workshops, Programs, and Sessions combine Scientific Mind Programming tools & techniques, very deep and relaxed Meditations, and many other proven processes and applications to help you reach the desired state of your life. His firm grip in the Power of Human Mind and Laws of the Universe has benefited thousands of people from all strata of life.

Dr Deepak Subedi
Himalayan Shamanic Nath Yogi, Shakti Sadhaka

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